Poké Lids with Alola Pixie, Endless Ocean Luminous

Poké Lids with Alola Pixie, Endless Ocean Luminous

Alola Pixie returns to chat about Poké Lids, unique Pokemon themed utility lids all over Japan! We chat about how these lids are promoting local culture, give our recommendations on which ones to check out, and debate whether or not you should take a week-long trip to find Mew. In the games section, I dive into Endless Ocean Luminous! Plus, a bit of news including a surprising upcoming Nintendo game!

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(0:00) - Intro


(0:51) - Poké Lids w/ Alola Pixie


(22:59) - Endless Ocean Luminous


(31:36) - New Tears of the Kingdom merch in Japan

(32:40) - New N64 NSO titles

(33:37) - Nintendo World Championships returning?

(34:45) - Tokyo updates

(35:26) - Closing

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