2022 Tokyo Game Music Show with Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd, Triangle Strategy, Elden Ring

2022 Tokyo Game Music Show with Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd, Triangle Strategy, Elden Ring

Strategies, souls, and songs, this episode has it all! I’m joined this week by Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd to get the details on the Tokyo Game Music Show 2022, an event where you can meet and greet iconic Japanese video game musicians. We talk about the best Japanese game music, house bands, and how to turn the PC Engine into an instrument. Then I go castle crazy talking about Triangle Strategy and Elden Ring. If castles aren’t your thing, how about cars? I check out Cruis’n Blast, the newest entry in a long dormant series. In the news, I speculate about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, run down the State of Play, and ponder about Kirby boxes.

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(0:00) - Intro


(2:18) - Tokyo Game Music Show 2022 with Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd


(20:41) - Triangle Strategy

(32:30) - Elden Ring

(43:45) - Cruis’n Blast


(49:56) - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

(55:27) - Pokemon TCG Expansion: Time Gazer and Space Juggler

(56:03) - Nintendo Switch OLED Kirby box

(56:45) - Advance Wars 1 + 2 Reboot Camp delayed again

(57:55) - PlayStation State of Play March 2022

(1:01:40) - Japanese software and hardware sales

(1:03:37) - Japanese Gaming Phrase of the Week (安全地帯 anzenchitai)

(1:04:01) - Japanese Tweet of the Week: https://twitter.com/heat_maroon/status/1501430045705121792?s=20&t=BIQB5tBKYbHszr_I4kEKgw

(1:04:29) - Closing

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